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Our engineering area

To commercialize devices in both the open market and cellular operators, specific parameters must be set in the telephone or SIM cards for their correct operation.

We provide support in these processes through our engineering area to assure the Type Approval for the networks of the required country.

Our engineering team is able to:

  • Drive Tests based on local operator routes in 2G / 3G / 4G and VoLTE technologies.
  • LTE / VoLTE Tests over real network, changes between technologies, CS Fallback in MO and MT, reselection and Handover.
  • Voicemail validation, APN profiles, preloaded applications, carrier icons/images and label translation in all available phone menus.
  • Analysis of the current electrical profile of the operator, identification of base parameters and created structure.
  • Preparation of electrical profile for Engineering SIM card, according to customer requirements.
  • Tests on the BAP card, after the approval of the electrical profile.
  • Verification and certification of SIM Cards with the new commercial electrical profile.
  • Create adapted test cases and carry out tests on NB-IoT and LTE-M1 technologies.

The technology in our lab allows us to:

  • Simulate different local or worldwide mobile networks in 2G / 3G / 4G technologies.
  • Broadcasting / Receiving "Cell Broadcast" (CMAS) Emergency Messages in 2G / 3G / 4G technologies.
  • Verify the behavior of Emergency numbers.
  • Perform conducted tests to certify calibration in 2G / 3G / 4G technologies.
  • Validate the operation of the electrical profiles and the STK menu of the SIM Cards.


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SIM Cards and Molible Homologations

Guaranteed engineering processes

Our laboratory and engineers team have the instruments and professional expertise required to meet the highest quality standards.


Only for Costa Rica

Type Approval for mobile devices

SUTEL Certification

Since 2010, the Superintendence of Telecommunications (SUTEL), issued a regulation for mobile telephony terminals to be homologated. This is based on performance and operation through a test protocol.

We have a laboratory to perform RF tests, with capability for the technologies used in the country (2G, 3G, 4G, VoLTE, CA).

Remote Phone Disabling APP


It is an app intended for the partial or total disabling of financed terminals.

Financial Benefits:

Technical impact:


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This process can be carried out from the moment the terminals enter the national territory, or at another time as long as it is validated before placing them at the sales points.

This includes the physical and documentary review of the terminals, and then the corresponding IMEIs are registered in the database.

Performance and usability

Tests focused on the real experience and performance for the end user

  • Usability
  • Apps (Installation, Behavior and Performance)
  • Multimedia
  • Conectivity tests
  • Behavior between apps

Drive Test

Test routes that involve critical points

For both the carrier and the end customer.

We have monitoring tools such as G-NET Track, allowing us to automate processes during tests and optimize them.

SW update, Fulfillment and Quality Controls

High-quality logistics processes

Local Rework

  • Firmware Upload / Update
  • Software Upload / Update


  • Device labeling
  • Box labeling
  • SIM card tray replacement
  • Sampling and Quality Control
  • Plastic Packaging

Approval process


Reporte y análisis técnico


Technical Service Management

Have an official technical service

Our main goal is customer satisfaction, so we must :

  • Coordinate the correct operation of the official Technical Service
  • Provide information on spare parts, Seed stock / tools for official Technical Service.
  • Define which tools or equipment is required in the laboratory to be an Official Technical Service. Also procedures for disassembly and replacement of parts.

Approval of IoT devices

RF and Protocol testing for IoT devices

We have the technology and test cases adapted to carry out tests on NB-IoT and LTE-M1 technologies.

Brand Representation

Enter the Latin American market

We provide strategic support to brands that want to introduce their products to the Latin American market and don't have representation in the continent, so they can count on:

  • Country regulation
  • Follow-up in homologation process
  • A direct responsible to carry on

ITA (International Type Approval)

Regulate your products to access Latin American countries.

We own the experience to guide our clients according to the laws, regulations and requirements defined by the regulatory entities for the commercialization, distribution and sales of telecommunications equipment in Latin American countries.


Tech Solutions Development

Our IT team has technical expertise covering everything from user experience and design (UX/UI) to web and mobile application development.

  • Technical and business consulting
  • Development in specific technologies
  • Custom software development

Why choose LB Tech?

Advice and consultancy

Our experience both in the open market and operators, allows us to provide support in the customization/customization processes of OEM/ODM equipment acquired from foreign plants.

We act as liaison to the engineering and development team for the follow-up and evolution of the adjustments until the final product is set according to the customer requirements.

After-sales service and support

Every phone commercialization needs after-sales support. LB Technology has the facilities and the appropriate personnel to provide technical service support to manufacturers that commercialize in the country or are in the process of incorporating their equipment to the market.

Added Value

To fulfill our services in time and quality, we define:

  • A Responsible for control account, complaints notification, management and follow-up.
  • Direct management with the customer to speed up the process.
  • To assure that the quality and time requirements demanded by the client are met.
  • Constant and transparent communication with all parts involved.
  • Progress and completion reports of contracted services.
  • Flexibility in time for SLA compliance AD-HOC solutions.
  • Training in different technologies.
  • Proactivity and continuous improvement.