Administrative Enrollment

For natural person

The Administrative Enrollment is free

As long as it is not more than one (1) phone per natural person per year.

And as long as the Certifying Company does not exceed 2% of the annual registrations (of IMEIs) entered into the system.

The request will be reviewed as soon as possible once received, if they comply with the regulations, your application will be processed within 24 business hours.


It is not possible to ensure phones under this condition:

- Reception of emergency messages issued by ONEMI.

- Operation in all mobile operators of the country.

Documents to submit

  • 1) Identity Document: it can be your ID Card or Passport.
  • 2) Foto del IMEI obtenido luego de discar *#06# en su teléfono celular o IMEI físico del teléfono (habitualmente impreso en la carcasa, al interior del teléfono o en el módulo para insertar la SIM Card). ​
  • 3) Proof of purchase:
    • 3.1) If you purchased your device via Web from aboard (ex: ebay, amazon, etc):
      • Receipt of purchase.
      • Customs clearance or customs internment guide (Correos de Chile delivery slip or Customs document slip).​.
    • 3.2) If your purchase was made in person aboard you must submit:
      • Passport or proof of entry to the country, issued by a competent authority, with date and the corresponding entry stamp not older than 90 days or entry ticket to the country or equivalent document issued by the transport company or travel agency not older than 90 days.
  • 4) In case the request is made by a third party on behalf of the interested party, an additional identity document and simple authorization in the name of the third party must be sent.

How should the documents be submitted?

The files or digital copies must be sent in the following formats:

It is recommended to send all the required information in a single PDF File.

In case the request is made by a third party on behalf of the interested party, simple authorization in the name of the third party.

Submit your request

Once you have the required documents you can make your request by filling out the following form:

Enroll your phone here


You can send your request to the following e-mail address

If you wish, you can also access this service in some other certifying company

How do I check if the IMEI of my device is already registered?

After completing the Administrative Enrollment you can check the status of your IMEI in any of the websites of the telephone companies listed below:​

Our request handling hours are from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Location: Manquehue Sur 350, floor 1, office 108, Las Condes.